D3STΛB1LIZED (written in “l33t” language and pronounced ‘destabilized’) are a concept band, a DJ outfit, an agitator for social change, with a uniquely anonymous post-apocalyptic aesthetic.

Most accurately described as “a video game musical on stage”, the intergalactic D3STΛB1LIZED live show is powerfully complete with UV outfits and LED masks that create the illusion of a holographic netherworld.

Conceived in Thessaloniki, Greece on December of 2012, the debut of D3STΛB1LIZED became a reality at Athens’ Schoolwave Festival in 2013, with a dynamic performance that was included in the festival’s aftermovie, alongside live sets by Knife Party, Skrillex, and The Prodigy.

Reflecting their growing interest in original compositions, D3STΛB1LIZED also released their first two original tracks; ‘”Destabilizer” (2015) which debuted on “Radio Arvyla”, one of the most popular TV shows in Greece, and the anthem “Dream; Boom!” (2016) through the Spinnup platform at all major digital stores like iTunes, Tidal and Spotify.

Now located in London, D3STΛB1LIZED plan to intensify their multi-faceted, multimedia quest while piecing together their debut album. Expect more powerfully energetic live sets, more blurring of boundaries between music, video and technology, more creative anarchy, and more forward momentum as the world’s only video game band.

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”This content is for private use and should not be sold, rented, or used for any commercial enterprise in any way, shape or form. It is a fan made film for our jam remix of the homonymous Loadstar song ”Second Skin”. No money is being made from this film and no one was paid to make it. It is in no way affiliated with, sponsored or approved by Platige Image S.A., DDB Warsaw, Ram Records or Warp Records. We make no claim to any characters, storylines, prop designs, names, logos or situations that are trademarked, copyrighted or otherwise protected by federal, state, international or other intellectual property law. We just want to give our meaning in the song, a song that helped us come closer to our dreams. This piece of art is produced solely for the uncompensated enjoyment of our and yourselves.”

Copyrights © Loadstar-Second Skin/Ram Records, Flying Lotus-Tiny Tortures/Warp Records, Alivia/DDB Warsaw/Platige Image S.A.

We wanna thank:
Loadstar, Ram Records, Alivia, DDB Warsaw, Platige Image, Flying Lotus, Warp Records,
David Lewandowski & the people arround them for letting all this be an extraordinary reality

— Full Credits List —


Loadstar – Second Skin (Ram Records)

Video 1:

Flying Lotus, Tiny Tortures:

Director, David Lewandowski
Starring, Elijah Wood
VFX supervisor, Dustin Bowser
Cinematographer, Christian Sprenger
Line Producer, Christian Heuer
Exec. Producer, Laura Tunstall
1st AD, Jesse Sternbaum
1st AC, Justin Watson
2nd AC, Jacqueline Stahl
Additional Assist, Ben Disinger
Key Grip, Kyle Honnig
BB Grip, Tommy Villa
Set Photography, Theo Jemison
DIT, Chris Hoyle
Gaffer, Cody Jacobs
BB Electric, Brandon Wilson
Electric, Doug Biel
Key PA, Lori Altobelli
Production Assistant, Blair Neighbors
Makeup/Prosthetic Effects, Kate Mullin
Makeup Assist, Casey Wong
Stylist, Michelle Thompson
Production Designer, Alexander Delgado
Set dresser, Chad Bailey
Set dresser, Logan Noh
Set dresser, Chad Tomlinson
Production manager, Bryson Pintard
Production coordinator, Matthew Pittman
Concept art, Ben Mauro
Technical Supervisor/Animation, Patrick Goski
Animation/Modeling/Lighting, Alexander Lehnert
Animation, David Estis
Character TD, Bret Bays
Additional animation/Simulation/Matchmove, Josh Johnson
Additional animation/Illustration, William Mendoza
Illustration, Jake Portman
Sound design: John King
Special thanks: Caviar Content, Visual Creatures, Erin Cantelo, John King, Chebo, T-Stop, Maxon
Video 2:

Alivia, Money Can Defeat Cancer:

Creative directors: Zuzanna Duchniewska, Maciej Waligóra
Art director: Maciej Twardowski
Copywriter: Michał Desowski
Project manager: Katarzyna Seyfried
Account: Magdalena Różycka
Script: Maciej Twardowski, Michał Desowski
Postproduction house: Platige Image
Director: Damian Nenow
Art director: Kamil Pohl
Concept art: Kuba Jabłoński, Rafał Wojtunik
Rendering supervisor: Michał Gryń
Compositing: Manuela Balk, Dennis Nikolayenia
Producer: Justyna Supernak
Sound director: Jakub Pietrzak / studio Box Postproduction

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