Distilled Water and Health Intro 3

Our bodies are made up of over 60% water, and unless this water is replenished daily, we will die in a few days. The human brain contains 90% to 95% water, our blood over 80% and lungs 85% to 90%. Our body can be severely affected by as little as a 2% decrease in bodily fluids:

sleepy, tired, less active
dry, sticky mouth
acquired thirst
decreased urination
reduced tears when crying
dry skin
mild to severe headache
fuzziness, dizzy, lightheadedness.

Severe dehydration will include:

Extremely dry mouth and nose
extremely dry skin, no elasticity
extreme thirst
no sweat
no urination or dark yellow urine
accelerated heartbeat
sunken eyes
accelerated breathing
no tears when crying
possible delirium or even unconsciousness.

One of the very first signs of dehydration is fatigue and lack of energy… 80% of all Americans are dehydrated to some degree. Our body’s cry for more water is usually mistaken for a hunger for food; so we end up at the refrigerator instead of the water tap. This results in a two-fold problem: becoming overweight and being dehydrated – thus the cycle continues. Most disease is a result of our organs being starved of necessary water, so the body is in a constant battle to store up water in fat cells, with one organ robbing water from another. Water is critical for every bodily function and for the life and health of every single cell, from our brain to our little toe.


provides lubricants for our joints
provides digestive juices/saliva and stomach acid
controls body temperature through perspiration
is used to manufacture blood and lymph
delivers nutrients to the cells and carries away waste for elimination
helps move material through the intestinal tract
regulates the body’s metabolism.

Pure (distilled) water is nothing but H2O, so consequently it is the most effective water at meeting the required needs of the body – especially with cleaning toxins and waste materials from the cells of the body. The Mayo Clinic has discovered that plenty of distilled water can decrease the risk of colon cancer by at least 45%, bladder cancer by 50%, in addition to other forms of cancer, including breast cancer. Many medical experts agree that most disease is a result of not drinking enough clean healthy water for the body to function as it needs to, such as flushing the bladder of toxins and chemicals. When the body does not receive enough water, the result is dis-ease.

Then to complicate the unhealthy condition, doctors prescribe drugs to deal with symptoms which then can result in additional health problems. Stay healthy and live longer, drink plenty of pure clean water.

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