How To Cut and Style a Textured Crop with Skin Fade | Uppercut Deluxe | Easy Hold

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‘The Crop’ is a style that’s gaining huge popularity in barbershops worldwide. Many consider it to be a typically English look so it’s no surprise that the resurgence in this style was first seen in UK and European barbershops, with other regions like Australia and North America quickly following suit.

A Crop features short to medium length throughout the top section of hair, worn forward from the clients crown to the fringe. Cleaver use of your scissors is crucial to removing weight and creating adequate texture so the hair sits forward naturally and maintains volume as it grows out.

A poorly executed Crop can make your client look like Lloyd Christmas (Dumb and Dumber) quicker than you can say ‘Let’s put another shrimp on the Barbie’ Thankfully Uppercut Deluxe Ambassador James Reichwein is here to help you avoid such tragedy.

Watch as James shows you How To Cut an Style a Textured Crop with Skin Fade. Using a number of scissor techniques to create texture throughout the top section of hair that he blends into a seamless skin fade for a more classic twist to this modern style.

James styles the cut using Uppercut Deluxe Easy Hold to maintain a light hold and natural finish.

Why choose Uppercut Deluxe Easy Hold? Change is the only constant. And while we all have our own traditions, routines and favourites, the movement towards looser and more textured styles can not be ignored.

Whether its creating looser finishes to your favourite traditional styles or the ability to create more of the modern emerging styles Easy Hold is the go to solution.

True to its name this product is easy to apply and delivers a low hold solution to a wide array of styles in all hair types and lengths. Making it a valuable addition to the back bar in any barbershop of a fuss free grooming solution to the everyday guy.

Hold – Light
Finish – Natural and Matt
Scent – Natural Woody Tobacco
Style guide – Perfect for loose, textured styles where a natural finish is desired
Hair type – Suitable for all hair types and lengths
Size: 90 gm or 300 g Barber Sized Tins.
Water based

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