Ray’s Efudex Treatment Video

So since I pretty much say it all in the vid, when I first looked around for other people using Efudex the pics freaked me out and I couldn’t find any video. Though I was absolutely greatful for the pics and blogs I did find I just figured I may as well document my own little miserable mess so that the next person trying to see what happens can see what I went through.

You can also view the Katy Perry – Hot N Cold Lipdub from the end of this video by itself here:

Here’s a bit I wanted to squeeze into the vid but it didn’t make it:

– Early inflammatory phase: During the first week of application, mild inflammation occurs

– Inflammatory phase: During following weeks, redness and swelling occur with some crusting and burning.

– Tumor disintegration phase: Lesions resolve as the skin exfoliates

– Healing phase: Over 1 to 2 weeks, new skin grows into the treatment area.

– Complete healing generally occurs within 2 months after treatment cessation. Your skin is healthy again.

Anyway, at this point still got a long way to go.

Last uploaded Thursday February 24th 2008


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