Skinny Charge – Hello Indiegogo!

Hello my name is Jason Mainella and I have been breaking, repairing, customizing, tweaking, developing and jumping head first into everything and anything to do with technology since i was 9 years old. I love life and continue to strive to bring new solutions to the world everyday. 

Today I present to you the SkinnyCharge. The SkinnyCharge allows you to easily transport extra power for your electronic devices that fits in your wallet. The device comes packed with iphone4,iphone5 and micro usb ports. It even has a mini LED light to help brighten a dark situation. 
This product has been a passion of mine and been in the making for 1.5 years. I have met with some experienced engineers to help me pick the best materials to create this unique product. The battery itself is a 500mah (about half a phone charge on most models). And the outside is made of a rubberized plastic to ensure longterm durability.

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