Tattoo Artists against Skin Cancer

Ogilvy Brazil launched the Tattoo Skin Cancer Check website as our content hub to support the streaming sessions. Tattoo artists could see upcoming trainings, enroll and get more information about the program. There were live sessions that had that allowed for interaction so that the participants may ask questions directly with skin cancer experts. After attending, they download their own certificates.

Additionally, people who are interested in tattooing can also use the website to find certified tattoo artists and studios. A combined media promotion consisting of outdoor, print, direct and a strong participation of digital and social channels all played a part in helping the idea gain visibility and scale.

Over 200 tattoo artists have been certified in Rio and São Paulo.
250 tattoo artists from all over Brazil, participated through the online course.
450 tattoo artists x average 6 clients a day=18.900 increase per week of people getting a skin cancer check since before the campaign.
Thanks to their tattoo artists, many people that had never visited the dermatologist had an early skin cancer diagnosis.
Sol de Janeiro consolidated itself as the sunscreen brand that really takes care of young people’s skin in Brazil.
The Project was featured in the main national news programs and thousands of blogs.

Sol de Janeiro is a sunscreen brand that embraces the Brazilian beach culture and takes youth skin care very seriously. The problem is that Brazilian youth seem to care more about getting a tan than having healthy skin.

In order to make Brazilian youth aware of this growing problem, Sol de Janeiro asked for the help of those who are closest to youth’s skin: their tattoo artists.
Ogilvy Brazil created a training program to teach tattoo artists how to recognize skin problems. The program started in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, and due to the program’s success, we expanded all over Brazil via a streaming online course. The tattoo artist could interact, ask questions and talk to skin care experts in real-time.

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