The James Graham Brown Cancer Center’s Skin Cancer & Melanoma Clinic will be featured on WAVE-3 Listens

Nearly one million new cases of skin cancer (of those nearly 60,000 new cases of melanoma) are diagnosed each year. Skin cancers are by far the most common cancers, and are also highly curable.

The Brown Cancer Center provides the highest level of clinical cancer care in the region, access to the latest cancer research, and the benefits of a team-focused, multidisciplinary approach. This team-focused approach ensures that the clinical plan for each patient is customized, comprehensive, and coordinated.
The host, Cindi Sullivan, will be joined by two UofL Physicians from the multi-disciplinary team:

* Jason Chesney, MD, PhD (Medical Oncologist)
* Kelly McMasters, MD, PhD (Surgical Oncologist)

The show will also feature a taped interview with Brown Cancer Center Director, Donald Miller, MD, PhD and testimonials from two patients treated by the BCC melanoma team.

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